The problem was the motherboard! Well, that’s just a fine idea We then made a clean installation of Vista Ultimate on my system, with her GeCube installed. Vista craches as soon as the Vista driver is installed to the system. Now, try this suggestion first

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The PSU is not to blame that a driver can not be installed into a system! Well, that’s just a fine idea This just confirms the fact that the PSU has nothing to do with the problem, what so ever!

All returns will be tested and checked for our warranty markings. The PC is built on the following components: However if you do have any problems please feel free to contact us. But hey, you do your watt game, what do I know about that stuff?

She has the very same hardware no hardware has been replaced and will not be replaced as from the start and it is all working fine now. Try to think a bit more, openminded, what can cause such a problem and not always blame the PSU. We are specialists in hard to find and legacy computer, laptop and server bits. I have spent 6 hours this evening, looking for the root to the cause. Your reply is the very md-7367 standard reply, blame the PSU. Her system is running fine as long as the Vista driver is not installed.


My girlfriend has now sent me the data of the PSU. That is what I know at present.

K9AGM3-F (MS), ATI HD and Vista problem

Sorry, but did you read all, he did test with 1 memory stick, no change. Trouble shooting is testing against better parts to find the problem. If the XP driver is installed to the system the system runs, but Vista Aero does not work. This guy seems to think we have a crystal ball that shows solutions whenever we look into it. And that’s the last I’m going to type about your problem. My girlfriend has built her self a new PC. A new rebbot and Vista started. Yes, the onboard VGA works but does not support Aero.

All items are fully tested and working unless otherwise specified. When the desktop showed Vista informed her that the system had recovered from a serious fault and she was recommended to search for a solution to the problem.


MSI K9AGM3 MS-7367 VER 1.1 Socket AM2 Motherboard With BP (HDMI)

I use Xilence W in my system. You say no, well good luck with your problem. I guess you had a mz-7367 for the system error messages?

I bet it works fine then. It means that you need a PSU that can do about 2x that amount of 12V amps. Comparing systems is not a good thing – too many things are different.

When she powered up the PC Vista found new hardvare and started to install the driver for audip board.

Vista craches as soon as the Vista driver is installed to the system. So, a better psu is recommended, whatever the outcome, but that is your own responsibility of course The PC booted twice and the she booted up in Fail safe.

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