Also I have two comps I call my “mains” and both are upgraded closely together, but I’ll just focus on my main main: Jun 10, TJ But I am having a problem with its AC97 onboard sound. Mar 26, mxtj Finance, Employees. I did that on a board I set up a couple months ago KT3, non ultra and then just upgraded to the latest version of the driver Intel Celeron D 2.

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MSI MSE – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT Overview – CNET

You can request pricing 6380 from our partner vendors for this or similar products. Mar 21, Katie M. I pounced on it and that’s my current biggest computer.

Almost whole ebay vintage parts are in my hobby room. I had a strange desire to get that Slot-2 machine on eBay, instead of buying newer faster parts.

If I had seen Morrowind yet I probably would have made a different decision. Then i think i can take a week off. I thought you wanted to know every part in our collections.


If this is the case adding a new motherboard to a me with an existing operating system can cause problems.

Want to write a helpful review? I sailed right over sandy bridge, ignoring it with my overclock, and ignored ivy bridge. Intel Celeron D 2. DOS Sound Blaster compatibility: I enjoyed this board when it was new. GPU was a much more bland adventure sort of.

So When I did get a job, I was free to spend almost all my money on computer hardware, so I usually had “significantly above average” computing rigs, but still at certain points through out the years due to prices, I wasn’t able to afford “the absolute best” at the time, sadly. Since the rig was almost exclusively used for gaming and web surfing I was content with passing Prime95 for 2 hours right on or under the temp threshold.

MSI KT3 Ultra2, Socket A, AMD (MS-6380E) Motherboard

Nov 5, FiyaFly Government, Employees. I use a CNR modem, but only for faxing it works fine and does not effect the sound. Although it wasn’t the greatest thing out there it work pretty good. Unknown – Seritech LILv1.


Sound Problem for KT3 Ultra (MSE Ver )

Results 1 to 7 of 7. USA Age 73 Posts The problem is fixed after I removed my modem. Middle of the road hobbyist whitebox consumer mobo.

Joined Jun Location U.

Anyway on to the list. Joined Jun Posts Mar 26, mxtj Finance, Employees.

Want to spice up your site? Use specific examples when possible. I’m going back and re-building a lot of “Best of the best” older computers now in – that I was never able to afford back then. Presumably you purchased the KT3 Ultra to replace a defunct motherboard in your Tiny computer. I didn’t buy new again until the AM3.

I’ve been beat up and banged around in a few car wrecks others hitting me From teh 32bit Athlon era.