This approach based on pure Java library called Jackcess. Details about this approach can be found here. Introduction Many companies use MS Access even until now. Because there is no appropriate documentation about installation and configuration of gem and related ODBC-driver. Below I show only simple example of usage. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Conclusion Working with Access is painful.

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For current purpose required mdb-export. This provide time and ability to understand that is the adapter in reality. So, I want to say about some limitation on below description: Unicode and CP mdb files regardless of ‘Changset’ option.

Debian — Details of package odbc-mdbtools in jessie

This gem provide a DSL for working with mdb files. Dimas 83 mdbtolos For me this is 1. As I understand, there is an project called Jackcess Encrypt. Several weeks ago in response to this question I did some testing on a setup almost identical to yours Ubuntu Wrap them in double quotes and use anything including special characters.


Thanks to Roman Shipiev for help with initial exploration of MS Access and for description of several related tools.

Index of /ftp/cygwin/x86/release/mdbtools/odbc-mdb

Errors appear only in case of new major version of jaccess 2. I can’t find where that is! I can’t find how to evade this.

I have seen references to using Samba client and the associated mount utility which I suppose would allow me to ‘map’ a remote windows drive to Linux, as well as references to Konqueror which may be able to do something similar. This can help to mdbrools some inconvenience of isql and concentrate on querying, not syntax.

Debian — Details of package odbc-mdbtools in sid

More details about dependency and about installation process can be ofbc on GitHub page of mdbtool. Details about MDB format located here. Can you help my understand why I have to go that route????

Then, in assumption that you have configured odbcinst. Thanks in advance for your help! Microsoft provide drivers and tools for dealing with own products. But someone wrote what this approach fine works under Windows. This mdbtoo,s later for driver configuration.


Remember version of installed package. Username Password Remember Me?

In Windows Mdbtoops to put that between brackets [example Table] but it didn’t worked. In double size in case of Unix environment. Finally I found the solution: Beyond that, I’ll probably still be lost.

I gather that some people can sometimes get it to sort of work, mdbtopls IMO mdbtools is not reliable enough for production use. This command install tons of related packages and most of them is useless for current target.

Closest one is the previously described mdbtools. Is anyone doing this and having any success?

The single advantage is a 14 days trial after registration. Otherwise go back, read mans, reconfigure and recompile GDAL and try again.