If you cannot figure out what is wrong, disassemble the laptop again and start adding parts one by one. I have an HP dv laptop with a broken screen. Hi, thanks for great instructions, it is very useful. First of all, take a look in the device manager. What is the purpose of this cable? I would like to thank u so freaking much!!

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In reply to MarkAttree’s post on December 28, Try reconnecting the DVD drive. I tried to clean my fan with a duster so I followed the steps up til taking off the top cover and put it back together twice and I still have the problem.

Anyone know how I would go about removing the display trim located below the lcd and behind the power button board cover? I believe the right arrow points to the speaker cable. I should mention that my pavillion dv pavipion lost sound both from speakers and from audio-out.

My computer is having a graphic card problem. Any other things i should look for?

Hi JAK, Because it’s running Vista – it’s not a “newish” model – perhaps you might suggest your friend buy a newer model as the prices are pretty good. Pavilioj I just check ebay?


Some fidgeting got it in there eventually, although no idea sojnd it happened. Is it garbled too? Got me through poking around inside catd DVUS tonight — got a question — the two thinner cables that run off of the power button daughterboard to the mainboard — are either of these audio cables? I know I’m a n00b therefore please let me know if there is a way for me to find more detailed information about my sound chipset.

I have a dv which is a bit different from the one being used here. How can you turn on the laptop if the power button not connected to the motherboard? Do you mean the cooling fan? The problem now is whether or not the laptop will fry a new charger?

HP Pavilion dv6500 laptop sound card drivers

ssound I checked all caples in the steps above and everything looks fine. Hello 1st sorry for my poor English and my spell mistake. No, you cannot access it just by removing screws on the back. If both network connections work fine in Ubuntu Linux but not in Windows, this is software related problem.



Thank you for the tutorial, it is very helpful. The soldering gp is not the problem. Or sign in with one of these services.

Message 8 of The wireless switch soldered to the motherboard and it has a small plastic pin caed is engaged with the plastic slider on the front of your laptop. Click Next and wait for it to install Message 1 of 20 6, Views. My original intention was to get a small square piece of copper which i did, but the depth was wrong. Say “Thank you” Here are my system specifications:.

Just the thing I hate about HP laptops. This is how I do it. My question is, what do I need to buy to replace those? In order to start the laptop with video you need three main components: There are 4 beeping sounds and the power light blinks, all other lights stay on, the computer does not start up.