For Easysoft Licensing to work, you must do one of the following: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out? Attribute names in odbc. After obtaining a license, you should make a backup copy of this file. I need to set some ODBC statement attributes but my application does not let me do this. The label of the attribute on the Windows dialog box The entry required when editing the Unix odbc. For more information, see Dynamic Linker.

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The domain portion of your Salesforce user name.

No other data is sent. To obtain a license automatically, you will need to be connected to the Internet and allow outgoing connections to license. Supply the location where the software is to be installed. This installation needs a location for the installed files.

The data sent is transmitted as plain text, so if you want to avoid the possibility of this information being intercepted by someone else on the Internet, you should choose [2] and telephone or fax the request to us. The Create New Data Source dialog box displays a list of drivers: Usually, this step can only be done by the root user.

File names may have this format:. If an attribute can contain one of several specific values then each possible entry is displayed and separated by a pipe symbol. On operating systems where the dynamic linker has a file listing locations for shared objects Linuxthe installation script will attempt to add paths under the path you provided at the start of the installation to the end of this list.


Easysoft ODBC-Salesforce Driver User’s Guide – Configuration

The License daemon will return the license key, print it to the screen and make it available to the installation script in the file licenses.

For example, a version of unixODBC installed by another Easysoft product, a version obtained from your operating system vendor or one xalesforce you built yourself. Why am I refused a trial license with a message saying a license has already been provided for this machine? However, removal is salesforcr simple.

Easysoft ODBC-Salesforce Driver User’s Guide – Installation

If there are alternative responses, these will be shown in round brackets; to choose one of these, type the response and press Enter. You do not need to obtain a license during the installation, you can run licshell after the installation to obtain or view licenses.

The License Manager requests your authorization code. If you do not have any of these commands, they can usually be obtained from the Free Software Foundation. The file name format is:.

Be sure to understand the terms of the agreement before continuing, as you will be required to accept the license terms at the start of the installation. All warnings are written to a file called warnings in the directory you unpacked the distribution into.

In the Licensing page, enter your machine number and authorization code for purchased licenseclick Submit and your license key will be emailed to you. On earlier versions of Windows, when the Files in Use dialog is displayed, manually shut down each application in the list and then click Retry to avoid a system restart.


Attribute names in odbc.

Why have I not yet had a reply to the email I sent to autolicense easysoft. File names may have this format: API is not enabled for this Organization or Partner”? The installation script installs example data sources into unixODBC. Gathering Information Required During the Installation During the installation, you will be prompted for various pieces of information.

Search for “security token” in the Quick Find box. An alternative is to rename the easysofg directory. Before installing, you need to find out whether you have unixODBC already installed and where it is installed. The Easysoft web site is available 24 hours a day at http: In the dialog box, copy the Login URI value, and then use the Cancel button to discard the data source.

There are two possible outcomes here: The data source for the standard driver will look similar to this: