It makes a mess under your computer desk. Additional Product Features Battery Type. The central control feature as with the prior DJ is the thumb-operated roller switch, which scrolls on-screen selections up and down and selects them as you press down on it. It freezes in the middle of loading songs or something. I bought an FM radio transmitter so I can play it through any stereo!

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He joined Ziff Davis in May as technical editor of PC Magazine, became editor-in-chief in September of that year, and held that position for the next eight years, while adding the titles of publisher and publishing director.

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You can play the song, view details, add it to a playlist, or dj200 it. Solid 20GB player has very good sound quality overall.

The revamped Dell DJ 20 is 25 percent smaller than its predecessor, sounds better, has optional FM and voice recording, and is competitively dk20. You can also purchase a second, smaller remote with just the play and volume controls.

H DJ20 | Dell Dj 20GB Digital Jukebox MP3 Player

The combination of low brightness and low contrast doesn’t do much for readability. The third one just never worked properly.

Dell should have made two separate cables one for hooking to the PC and one for Charging the batt. Noticeable distortion on one of the EQ settings. I didn’t find this to be the case though.


The soft angles and the anodized finish feel good in your hand, and it’s equally convenient for both righties and lefties. A Great MP3 for a Great price!

Dell DJ 20 Silver ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player

So basically you have to plug the end of the Dll that hooks to your SJ and let the rest dangle and then plug in the charging pack to the cord, then plug it in. Start-up time for recording is about 5 seconds, so you’ll miss the first few xj20 of a song you want to record which is typical for hard drive players with recording capabilities. However, I don’t even think that this was necessary because, on my other XP box a desktopI just plugged it in and Windows found it. The screen is black and white, or grey.

Dell DJ 20

So other than my stupid mistakes, the player works great, its long lasting, and holds up pretty rell against butterfingers l ike me. Yes, there are things that Dell could do to make it ‘perfect’ but I’m happy with what I have for now! Since then, I’ve had very few problems with the DJ – it has froze on me once – now del only issue with the s ongs is that occasionally it will say I need licensing agreements to play the Napster songs but all I do is just download another song from Dekl, and it fixes the problem.

One advantage of the remote is that del, microphone doesn’t pick up hard drive whine as it records. My experience with Dell DJ’s has been positive: It w ill often freeze after you undock it. The remote has a clip for your pocket, belt, or lapel. It’s also what you plug in to charge the battery. Some other issues I have are small but mentionable: You can easily view your song list on the 1. In fact, I dropped my DJ shhhhhh on the school bus a few times and it was like it never happened.


A Back button takes you one step up in the menu hierarchy, and the Home button takes you to the top menu. It makes a mess under your computer desk. Extremely easy to use, durable, and dlel nice. Even if you d20 the USB cord, the DJ stays frozen and you have to wait till the battery dies and then you have to recharge it no harm though.

However, when I looked, Windows had put the device in “My Computer” and I was able to move music over that way. You can lock the controls on the main unit, throw it in a backpack, and use the remote to control it. He pioneered numerous other innovations that have become standards in computer delll, such as Service and Reliability Surveys, free utility software, Weird, but it works.

It was one that was remanufactured so it was just flawed.