High blood pressure. Causes, symptoms, treatments

12/15-Lipoxygenase gene knockout severely impairs ischemia-induced angiogenesis due to lack of Rac1 farnesylation.


We obtained data from 78 patients, 43.6% male. The mean (± SD) age was 11.0 ± 3.0 years. Most patients (69.2%) suffered from allergic rhinitis plus asthma. Patient evaluation of allergy severity (VAS) revealed a highly significant improvement between baseline and six months (p < 0.001, Wilcoxon test): 4.0 ± 1.7 cm vs. 7.3 ± 4.6 cm. This improvement was maintained throughout the four-year follow-up period. The use of medications (RMCS) was significantly reduced in the first six months (4.6 ± 2.5 points at baseline vs. 0.8 ± 1.6 points at six months visit, p < 0.001, Wilcoxon test) and remained very low until the end of follow-up. We did not find a temporal improvement in asthma severity.

A mild, simple, safe, chemoselective reduction of different kinds of aldehydes to the corresponding alcohols mediated by the Mn dust/water system is described. In addition to this, the use of D(2)O leads to the synthesis of α-deuterated alcohols and constitutes an efficient, inexpensive alternative for the preparation of these compounds.

At the 0.35 kU/l cut-off point, 71.2% of patients were positive to Ole e 1 and Phl p 1 + 5, 14% were positive only to Phl p 1 + 5 and 12% were positive only to Ole e 1. Based on available clinical data and skin prick test results, 922 (73%) patients would have been indicated for a mixture of grass and olive pollens for AIT. In 56.8% of patients, there was non-coincidence in the composition of AIT that would be selected before and after investigators received the in vitro data.

The STR loci included into new commercial human identification kits compels geneticists estimating forensic parameters for interpretation purposes in forensic casework. Therefore, we studied for the first time in Mexico the GlobalFiler(®) and Powerplex(®) Fusion systems in 326 and 682 unrelated individuals, respectively. These individuals are resident of the Monterrey City of the Nuevo Leon state (Northeast, Mexico). Population data from 23 autosomal STRs and the Y-STR locus DYS391 are reported and compared against available STR data from American ethnic groups and the unique Mexican population studied with Powerplex(®) Fusion.

The aim of this paper, was to obtain the frequencies for the 15 STR loci included in the PowerPlex 16 System Kit on a population of 204 unrelated Caucasian individuals living in Northeast of Spain in order to use for forensic purposes. Statistical analyses were performed using the programs GENEPOP version 3.3 and Powerstats version 1.2. The results showed that all the loci met Hardy-Weinberg expectations.

Thirty respondents, ten of whom were male were interviewed from September 1996 to September 2000. The respondents were obtained by snowball sampling, and were found in thirteen different sites, 12 in Trinidad (Paramin, Talparo, Sangre Grande, Mayaro, Carapichaima, Kernahan, Newlands, Todd's Road, Arima, Guayaguayare, Santa Cruz, Port of Spain and Siparia) and one in Tobago (Mason Hall). Snowball sampling was used because there was no other means of identifying respondents and to cover the entire islands. The validation of the remedies was conducted with a non-experimental method.

To evaluate the characteristics of Staloral, an allergen extract produced by Stallergenes (Antony, France) in terms of practical administration, efficacy, safety and mechanism of action.

A crude extract of the leaves Justicia pectoralis reduced the formation of histamine-induced wheals in sensitized guinea pigs (p < 0.05) and also reduced histamine-induced tracheal smooth muscle contractions (p < 0.05). It blocked the effect of contraction produced by histamine in the airways; this property supports folklore claims for its use as an antihistamine.

This report reviews the available scientific documentation of the safety profile of build-up schedules for SCIT with Alustal Rapid® (a suspension of standardized allergen extracts adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide gel for specific immunotherapy) in the treatment of IgE-mediated rhinitis, conjunctivitis and bronchial asthma to inhaled allergens.

The aim of the survey was to document medicinal plants used in malaria treatment by Prometra (Promocion de la medicina tradicional amazonica) Traditional Medical Practitioners (TMPs) of Uganda and for search of new antiplasmodial herbal medicines (HMs) for further phytochemical analysis.

The final multiple linear regression models explained between 3-32% of the variance in BNT scores. Although t-tests showed significant differences between men and women for Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, and Bolivia on the BNT, none of the six countries had an effect size larger than 0.3. As a result, gender-adjusted norms were not generated.

This method was successfully applied for analysis of flavonoids and their glycosides in Adhatoda vasica leaves. A total of 29 compounds were tentatively identified including 17 C-, nine O-glycosides and three flavonoids.

Matrix metalloproteinases degrade the extracellular matrix and are involved in a variety of diseases, including inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system. Here we estimated the content of gelatinase in rat brain under control conditions and 4 h after transient focal ischemia using gelatinolytic extraction and zymographic analysis. We also examined the expression of the MMP-9 and MMP-2 proteins by Western blot. Using the zymographic apparent gelatinase activity we estimated that brain gelatinase content was 0.44 ng/mg of protein. Ischemia induced a 1.7-fold increase at 4 h, thus showing an early MMP response to the ischemic injury. The main increase was seen for the MMP-9 proform, which was accompanied by enhanced MMP-9 protein expression. We suggest that basal cerebral MMP-9 and MMP-2 activities are involved in the maintenance of the extracellular matrix and prevent substrate accumulation, while enhanced postischemic MMP activity before cell death may contribute to edema formation and blood-brain barrier breakdown.